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Bees On The Move – Native Bees Prepare For Workshop

A Millen Farm workshop is more than just the delivery of the material, there is plenty of preparation beforehand. For the 2017 Build your own Stingless Bee Hive a group of us spent a morning recently re-siting the 17 donor hives to the garden of one of our Millen Farm volunteers, who has offered us the use of their very diverse garden.  From a carefully planted rain forest corner to a mass of ornamental plants around the house, a prolific veggie garden, an interesting orchard and a variety of flowering hedge plants and trees.  Blossoms of different sorts and at different times, all of which offer the bees a veritable paradise in which to live their industrious lives.  The colonies have settled in well, and already the veggie produce is showing a dramatic increase.  A win-win move.  These donor hives will be carefully monitored during this lead-up time to the workshop in October.

Many thanks to the group who helped with the move!

Millen Farm is a farm, but is also much more. It has always been a passionate community of volunteers working hard to fulfill the Millen Farm mission based around ‘learn, grow, feast’.  The community spirit is one of the things that helps us all keep going.  Moving those bees was a very good example of what can happen.  Robert Luttrell(Millen Farm workshop presenter) was accompanied by his Brazilian friend, an entomologist and passionate stingless bee expert, Georgio.

Col Faulkner – The owner of the land and a Millen Farm volunteer – had another of Millen Farm’s volunteers, Paulo, helping out on his land,  – a South American forester staying here in Queensland for a couple of years while his wife studies.  It was wonderful watching these two South Americans gravitate towards each other, speaking their own language, brought together by Millen Farm.  It’s a small world, and we are all learning from each other!

And last, but by no means least, a big ‘Thank you’ to Jenny and Col Faulkner for hosting the donor 20 Stingless Beehive used during the 2016 Millen Farm Construct a Stingless Beehive with Bob Luttrell. Their homestead offered bush landscape for the bees’ foraging.  Some of the hives did well in the environment, but others did struggle, but as donor hives they do need to be strong active colonies.