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Build an Australian Stingless Bee Box (Hive)

You can learn about these the stingless bees from books, or …….

This is a photo of some donor stingless bee brood in a new hive – the start of a new colony. Want to know more? Maybe you have a quiet moment today to check your October’s budget, to have a word with a friend or companion. Maybe this is the moment you have been waiting for; to begin a new hobby, to learn about a native species that lives with us, to have a chance to care for and watch these tiny stingless bees. These bees are fascinating, there is a whole world waiting for you, and you can get in close as they don’t sting!! Just a couple more weeks before this workshop, coming to you by Millen Farm, with Bob Luttrell, our local passionate stingless bee keeper.

For details and tickets, click on this link.