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Cane Toads Beware! Millen Farm joins the Cane Toad Challenge

Samford Valley’s Millen Farm has joined the fight against the invasion of cane toads as part of its wider commitment to sustainable urban farming practices that nurture the production of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Millen Farm is proud to have been accepted as an affiliate to the Cane Toad Challenge, an innovative new research project focussed on the natural pest management of cane toads.

The Cane Toad Challenge project is headed up by Professor Rob Capon, a Professorial Research Fellow and Group Leader at the University of Queensland, Institute for Molecular Bioscience.

The university is developing a new cane toad tadpole trapping technology that uses a natural toad pheromone to lure toad tadpoles into a trap. It is calling on community engagement in order to make this technology freely available to the public, as well as volunteer and community groups, businesses, and local, state and federal government agencies.

Samford Valley’s Millen Farm is very excited to be part of this ground-breaking initiative because it fits well with our vision to nurture garden soil and the surrounding landscape in order to grow food sustainably. 

We look forward to actively supporting and participating in this important program, and keeping our members and the local community updated on its progress and impact.