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Meet the Team

Millen Farm is overseen by a dedicated team of volunteers, who act as a steering committee and Board members. Our skill set and interests are extensive and varied with each member bringing a different dynamic to the team.

The driving force behind our dedication is a desire to create a sustainable local food system, one where people know where and how their food is grown and a system where we eat local, seasonal food.

Get to know us below! And if you are interested in making a difference by being involved on the Board or as a volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

As at March 2017, the Board Members are:

Martin Green – Chair

Ian Beaton – Secretary

Jerry Marston

Kerry Darton

Education coordinators – Jenni Guse and Lotty Cole

Farm coordinators – Gill Moore and Jenny Kato

Collaborations & Engagement – Michele Smith

There are also many people who assist with catering, workshop logisitics, helping on the farm and communications. Everyone’s time is valued and appreciated.

Millen Farmer – Arran Heidemann – this is an unpaid contract role. The Millen Farm land is provided to the Farmer and some support is given with the provision of farm infrastructure and inputs. As an entrepreneur, the Farmer aims to make a basic living wage from the produce grown on site.