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Mission and Values


Engaging the community in a celebration of locally grown food.


• Establish a financially and ecologically sustainable urban farming system
• Develop opportunities for hands on, leading edge formal and informal learning in Urban Organic Farming
• Provide learning activities that enhance the capacity to make choices between a range of organic agricultural systems rather than a ‘one system is best’ approach
• Maximise underutilised private and public land for food growing
• Develop an urban farming model based on empirical research that can be replicated by other communities.

Objects of the Company

Constitution of Millen Farm Ltd

The objects of the company are to develop a world class urban agriculture centre that builds a local food culture through:
(i) establishing a financially viable not-for-profit urban agriculture centre;
(ii) embodying ecological sustainability into all agriculture practices used;
(iii) developing opportunities for hands-on formal and informal learning in urban agriculture;
(iv) developing, supporting and mentoring new farmers working towards operating financially sustainable urban farms;
(v) becoming a leader in research and development on urban agriculture; (vi) maximising underutilised private and public land for food growing;
(vii) developing an urban agriculture model that can be replicated by other communities;
(viii) encouraging local food entrepreneurialism; and
(ix) being active in drawing the community together to celebrate local food.