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About Our Presenters – Bob Luttrell (Bob The Bee Man)

Millen Farm presenters.

Millen Farm workshop presenters come from a range of worlds and experiences.  Over time we are building interesting partnerships with this knowledgeable group of folk who so willingly come to share their expertise, helping to build on the foundations of the farm.

From time to time, Millen Farm will bring some highlights of what these presenters are developing.

Robert Luttrell – Bob the Beeman – has some great news.  For those of you who have met Bob, or even attended one of his Millen Farm workshops, you will be familiar with his passion for invention.  He constantly observes stingless bee colonies to develop improved ways to care for them, and to harvest their honey.  Bob has now successfully achieved a patent for one of his latest inventions – the Stingless Bee Honey Frame.

These frames are now beginning to go into production and will shortly be available.  The object of the frames is to allow for the hygienic collection of the honey while maximising the content with their natural serumen which is critical for the preservation and character of the honey.  Bob says “these frames ensure that there is minimal loss of bees during the honey extraction process.”  This is fundamental to Bob’s philosophy to beekeeping, avoid disturbing or killing the bees as much as possible is the corner-stone of Bob’s way of keeping bees.

Bob’s life is intriguing.  Spend just half an hour with him, and you will discover this!!  Here is another highlight, a friend decided to preserve Bob for prosperity by constructing a beehive in his likeness, see here below.

Millen Farm congratulates Bob on his significant step forward with the honey frame.  More stories to follow…..