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Seed Swap – Yet Another Exciting Idea From Millen Farm

New to the organisation behind Millen Farms is an opportunity to gather and give seeds. Essentially a seed swap.


People who seed swap do so for many reasons – economical, ethnical, organic, educational, and crop diversity, to name a few.

  • Economically, the ability to be able to share our treasures assists us to be self-sufficient in the rapidly changing economical environment that we find ourselves. Growing our own food, and the tools and knowledge to do so, allows us the possibility of fulfilling this major element of our existence.
  • Ethnically, there are people in community from other cultures who continue to cultivate some of the traditional foods from their part of the world that we have not had the opportunity to experience, as we offer up our own local nutrition.
  • Organically, we want to make sure that our bodies are receiving the best fuel that we can provide for it, and the ability to regulate the amount of non-organic matter around our foods is well worth the effort.
  • Education – One of Millen Farms charters is the education to the community in Organic garden practices and the current Millen Farms Market that happens every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm until 5.30pm is an ideal location to pass on valuable information in a one-on-one situation.
  • Crop diversity is essential for our soil to remain in prime condition and to ensure the best outcome for our gardening efforts.

Apart from all that, it must be said, that the ability to gift to others is one of the most satisfying experiences that we can have, and the results of such activities continue to create the world we want to live in.

The seed swap will begin from next Wednesday ( 28th November) at the regular Millen Farm Market, and will develop organically, at its own pace, as you would expect from a group who solidly values every person’s contribution.