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The Soil At Millen Farm Is Getting Truly Good

When we started the farm, Arran (The Farmer) had the soil tested so that he would know what problems and deficiencies he would have to deal with, and there were quite a few problems in the soil at that time.   If you are of a scientific bent of mind, you can see that report by clicking here: GRR Millen Farm 2016.

Basically what you see in the chart are bars in green and red, and the idea is that the minerals that have red bars beside them are bad ones or too much of that particular element, and those with blue bars are good ones, and the longer they are, the better the soil.

So on the third page of that report you will see the breakdown of the various elements, minerals and other components of the soil at that time – just over a year ago.  And as you will see, there were quite a few problems that needed to be dealt with.

In the words of Arran – The Farmer.

The first year  I  was trailing different methods of growing, to see which way worked best for such an upscale on what I was already doing. 
After the first year of trials I decided that the best method for the farm was using soil amendments and minimum tillage. Holding soil structure using a broad fork and a walk behind tractor with the intention of creating a site that was as close to a close loop system as possible with minimal inputs was the way forward. 
So that is exactly what Arran has been doing ever since, and recently he felt it was time to see what had been achieved (if anything) since that soil test, so all three of the fields were tested, and the results of those tests can be seen in the detailed reports which you can access by clicking on the following links.

Or in the Words of Arran.

The testing shows that in the blocks ABCE we have drastically improved the soil. D block was part of this years trials and is showing improvements but nowhere near as fast as the rest. F block we didn’t test because it is so new. G and H have not been tested before and have great potential but need some significant work. 

Area 1 19 – 10 – 2017

Area 2 19-10-17

Area 3 19-10-17

So in the original growing area things are way better, and in the two recently added growing areas, the soil is not quite as good, but it is moving in the right direction, and will obviously reach a good level in a relatively short time as Arran and his various helpers work away at improve the health of the soil by all the means at their disposal.

We move onwards and upwards we are happy to say…..