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Exciting stuff….   Here is the list of our workshops for 2018. a very wide range of topics covered!

Permaculture Inspired Orchards

July 20, 2019, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

*Private Addresses*


Have you ever contemplated growing your own food? Dreamt of walking about your little patch, basket in hand, harvesting your own organic fruit, but thought it’s too hard, too technical, or too much work? If your answer is a resounding YES, then this is the workshop for you.

Many of us have this dream, but the reality seems too complicated, so we remain idle and the only thing we harvest is our lawn clippings. Wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence to turn unproductive lawn into your own flourishing permaculture inspired orchard, providing the basis of a sustainable and ethical “Food Forest”?

Drawing on the permaculture philosophy, you will learn how to create a “Food Forest” which is a system of gardening using a diversity of mostly perennial (long-lived species), chosen and arranged so they complement and support each other, minimising weeds, pests, and maintenance, while providing a rich variety of harvests. Fruit trees are the centrepieces of the framework for the food forest.

With a permaculture approach, all our roadblocks are resolved, and, as is usually the case, nature with its simplicity, provides the answer. We get to enjoy organic fruit that is beautiful, productive, and comes without much of the tedious and time consuming garden work.

Is this Workshop for you?

This workshop is suited to the beginner or the more advanced grower who is interested in learning about or advancing their knowledge of Permaculture techniques as they relate to fruit orchards.

What you will learn

This workshop will provide you with a brief introduction into the development and management of a natural regenerative landscape for human consumption, including:

– Explaining the idea of a “Food Forest” and how can we use them.

– Elements in a “Food Forest” (water, sun, soil, companion planting and guilds).

– Site layout, soil creation and plant establishment.

– Site tour.

– Demonstration of training and pruning.

– Identification of pest and disease pressures.

– Identification of appropriate permaculture design principles and techniques.

The knowledge you will take away

Following this workshop, you will understand the basic knowledge required to develop and manage your own Permaculture inspired “Food Forest” with particular emphasis on Fruit Trees.

You will have an understanding of the various elements of a “Food Forest” using appropriate Permaculture Design Principles and Techniques.

You will also be introduced to the techniques of training and pruning your fruit trees, as well as identification of potential pests and diseases.

In addition, you will meet other people interested in growing fruit for varied reasons. You may choose to stay in touch with some of the other participants as part of your fruit production journey.


Joshua is a social entrepreneur running multiple community based projects creating positive meaningful cultural change. He is a lifelong learner having studied business development, management, marketing, international trade, economics, culture, philosophy, history, sociology, political science, psychology, biology, entomology, ecology, anthropology, religion, nutrition, natural medicine, childhood development, teaching, parenting, coaching, personal training, agriculture, permaculture, sustainable living and development as an example.

He is based in Moreton Bay and is currently building his community in Caboolture and surroundings while coaching and consulting worldwide. Some of his projects include, van Veen Organics Consulting, Cultural Change Consulting, Naturally Abundant Permaculture Collective, Loving Connections, Wellness 4 Men, The Mens Guild, Caboolture Permaculture and Agape Foundation of Creation.

Joshua has a passion for nature and living a connected life. In the future, he plans to continue his work as a contributor of regenerative communities, natural environments and responsible enterprises.


Private residence in Samford Valley (Kobble Creek). Address will be provided following registration.


  • Morning Tea
  • Workshop Notes

What you need to bring

  • Hat/Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Paper/pen if you are an avid note taker!
  • Umbrella/raincoat if rain looks likely

Workshop Cost and Bookings

$65 per person

**Note: This workshop is aimed at an adult audience and requires a minimum of 6 participants to run.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? 

Yes, please bring along your printed ticket. 

What is the refund policy? 

Sometimes circumstances change and we understand that occasionally you may not be able to attend a workshop you have paid for, so unless other information has been specified on the individual workshop page and as long as we’re notified 7 days before the workshop starts, your options are:

  • to receive a full refund of your course fee if we can find someone to take your place from our waitlist

  • to transfer your amount paid toward any future course

  • to transfer your ticket to a friend or relative

 What does the waitlist do? 

If the workshop sells out you can add your details to the event waitlist. In the event of a cancellation, we will look at our waitlist for the next in line. We will also use this to notify you of when/if this workshop will be held again, so please register your interest in advance. 

 How can I contact the organiser with further questions? 

Need more information or have addition questions about the workshop? Please contact our Workshop Facilitator, Libby, at eselby@millenfarm.org