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An amazing and intriguing workshop soon!!

On Saturday the 30th of March we have a really exciting workshop to offer you. Called “Seasonal planting and maintenance of autumn crops”, While this isn’t perhaps the most exciting title, the workshop will cover seriously useful topics.

Under the leadership of Ashleigh Palmer who is a third generation local farmer with a mixed organic farm at Mt Cotton, where he produces a steady stream of delicious veggies. As you will know if you shop at our weekly Farmer’s Market, the quality and abundance of the veggies he grows demonstrate how well he knows his work, and therefor how much he can hand on to you in this workshop.

He will be covering the following main points in this workshop:

Would you like to know what to plant for a bumper autumn/winter harvest?

Would you like to build soil fertility?

Do you have an existing food garden but would like it to be more productive?

Are you interested in reducing labour and all chemical inputs into your garden?

This workshop is for gardeners, farmers, landscapers and anyone interested in sustainable agriculture.

So if this interests you (as if you are a serious gardener, we are sure it does!), then you can find out more and book your place at this workshop by visiting our website and following the links. www.millenfarm.org