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Sat, 1st Mar

On the Farm!

As one of our Board Members, Jenni, commented recently “The dream has become a reality!” The first weekend in March was a history making […]

Thu, 12th Jun

Bendigo Bank Community Grant success

Last night Millen Farm was the proud and grateful recipient of a Bendigo Bank Community Grant. The $6000 will be used to buy a […]

Fri, 5th Sep

A local interview – May 2014

Earlier in May 2014, local paper The Westerner came to visit the Farm and met some of the Millen Farm volunteers. “A group of […]

Thu, 7th May

Membership Update!

The board has been very busy lately, as we have started our presence on the land we have many infrastructure and capital building items […]

Tue, 2nd Jun

Sustainable Food Fundamentals

  Our July workshop is a unique workshop to enable you to grow healthy food for your Family. How much land do you need to grow […]

Wed, 3rd Jun

Digging Deeper into Soil

In October this year we will be presenting a conference ‘Digging Deeper into Soil’ – providing an opportunity to explore in greater depth the role of rich, healthy […]

Wed, 1st Jul

Breaking ground at Millen Farm!

Update from the Farm Team Hooray we have finally broken ground at Millen Farm! On Friday 26 June we started our soil improvement process […]

Sat, 4th Jul

Help for your fruit trees in the Sub-tropics.

  What does the approaching warmer weather mean for our Fruit Trees in the sub-tropics? As we enter spring, many of our warm weather […]

Thu, 9th Jul

Directors Update – July 2015

What a year 2015 has been so far, and it continues to get better. It is our great pleasure to welcome three new interim […]

Fri, 10th Jul

Competition time!

Tell us below, in 25 words or less, what your ultimate workshop or experience at the Farm would be and win a ticket to […]

Tue, 21st Jul

Workshop Wrap Up: Soil Health for Garden Wealth

On Sunday June 21st we held our first “Soil Health for Garden Wealth” workshop presented by Nancy and Andrew Kent from The Inspiration Garden. […]

Tue, 11th Aug

Education team update & a recipe

With our Spring Orchard Care workshop fully booked and our September Beekeeping workshop attracting many registrations, the Education team has been focusing on the […]

Thu, 10th Sep

Workshop Wrap Up: Spring Orchard Care

  There’s nothing better than harvesting fresh fruit from your own trees but knowing how to care for an orchard requires a great deal of […]

Sat, 12th Sep

{Farming} Compost, Planning, Volunteers, Mulberries…

Compost We had a great afternoon on Saturday 29th making our very first Millen Farm compost heap.  Made from equal parts of cow manure, […]

Tue, 15th Sep

{Education} Looking ahead

What’s on for the remainder of the year On September 20, our workshop participants will learn about top-bar beehives from Paul Wood of Backyard […]

Wed, 30th Sep

{Digging Deeper into Soil} UPDATE!

A message from the Millen Farm Education Team – Some changes to the conference format to enhance your learning. Currently, we have not received […]

Sun, 4th Oct

[Directors Update] September 2015

  It was great to see those who could make the AGM last month. It was an important milestone for Millen Farm and a time […]

Sat, 10th Oct

[Farming] Planning, Water Usage, Help, SGAP meeting

It’s been a busy and productive month for our farming team. 1. Planning. We have found some local engineers to assist us with finalising […]

Wed, 4th Nov

[Education] Digging Deeper into Soil Recap

Capturing the Millen Farm soil conference – Digging Deeper into Soil  It’s November now. The Millen Farm Education Team developed the learning schedule for […]

Sat, 7th Nov

[Monthly Meeting Update] Sunday, November 1st.

  Thanks to everyone who joined our Millen Farm meeting on 1 November.  The focus of this meeting was farming.  Arran gave us an […]

Wed, 11th Nov

[Events] Learn Grow Feast Festival Recap

October 18th saw the Millen Farm’s vision of engaging the community in a celebration of locally grown food take another step forward. Our first […]

Thu, 10th Dec

[Farming] Garden Gold: Composting

Our first community composting activity was held on the 22nd November and although we had a few hiccups, meaning we couldn’t make the mega […]

Sun, 20th Dec

{Education Workshop} Build a Native Beehive Info

Millen Farm is hosting a two-day workshop run by local resident Bob Lutrell, affectionately known as Bob the Bee Man on 21 and 28 […]

Mon, 1st Feb

2016 Workshops are now LIVE!

After a tremendously successful pilot year, our Education team have been dedicated to creating a more robust, informative, practical and inspiring schedule for the […]

Fri, 20th May

Arran Heideman announced as Millen Farm Farmer

Media Release – Millen Farm Announces First Farmer — Arran Heideman to focus on farm development –     SAMFORD (20th May 2016) – […]

Thu, 9th Jun

[Education] Volunteers Needed!

Education committee volunteers needed!   Millen Farm’s education committee conducts regular workshops on a range of topics and our dedicated team needs a few […]

Tue, 28th Feb

Workshop Flyer March-June

Come and check out the exciting workshops planned for the next couple of months! Want to learn about composting? Inspired to raise your own chickens […]

Mon, 1st May

News from the board

There’s some exciting news for the farm!  Marist 180 will be offering training in Conservation and Land Management and this means more hands on-deck […]

Thu, 11th May

News from the farm

They say a picture paints a thousand words.  Here are some photos from the launch of International Compost Awareness Week at Millen Farm. It […]

Mon, 15th May

Education news

There’s a smorgasbord of learning opportunities in the next few weeks at Millen Farm.  More information and all tickets are available on Eventbrite (Millen […]

Sat, 20th May

Market News

The Real Farmers’ Market is going from strength to strength.  Each Wednesday between 2pm and 5pm, and on Saturdays from 8am eager customers snap […]

Fri, 23rd Jun

News from the board

In addition to keeping a watchful eye over the financial and legal obligations for Millen Farm, the board continues to deliberate over the long-term […]

Sun, 25th Jun

News From The Farm

Marist 180, in partnership with Millen Farm, have employed 15 young people into a traineeship in Conservation and Land Management.  They have been working […]

Mon, 26th Jun

Education News

Accolades for building native bee hive workshops On the farm workshops generate enthusiasm for soil July ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ workshop What’s coming in August? […]

Mon, 10th Jul


We have just heard that Millen Farm has been awarded a grant of the amazing sum of  $35 000! This news was brought to […]

Mon, 10th Jul

Open Day At Millen Farm. Marist 180 Traineeship Graduation.

Marist 180 Traineeship Graduation and Open Day: Construction and Conservation and Land Management – Samford Commons/Millen Farm. As part of the Construction Certificate I […]

Fri, 14th Jul

The Farm Is Developing Now – Looking Good.

It is now becoming hard to keep up with all the changes that Arran and his co-workers are bringing about on and around the […]

Tue, 18th Jul

Huge Success…. Marist 180 And Millen Farm Open Day.

Well it has now happened, the open day for the kids from the Marist 180 Construction Training group to celebrate their graduation and admire […]

Tue, 18th Jul

Volunteers At Millen Farm.

There are now a number of school kids from three different schools who are working happily away on the farm as part of their […]

Thu, 20th Jul

What A Year It Has Been!! Millen Farm Is On Its Way!

Reflecting on the achievements of an amazing year Martin Green, the Director of Millen Farm has been overwhelmed with pleasure and pride in how […]

Wed, 26th Jul

Millen Farm Has Great Plans For The Next Few Years

Having demonstrated that the whole concept underlying Millen Farm works so well, the Board has turned its beady eyes onto planning our future, and […]

Thu, 27th Jul

Looking At The Orchard Through The Permaculture Window

Good news, enough tickets have been sold so the workshop is on. There are tickets available. Looking at the Orchard through the Permaculture window – […]

Fri, 28th Jul

Cane Toads – Millen Farm Joins The Battle

Cane toads.  Millen Farm looks beyond the soil and planting.  Millen Farm recognises that a healthy eco-system supports healthy harvests and is obviously highly […]

Sat, 29th Jul

About Our Presenters – Bob Luttrell (Bob The Bee Man)

Millen Farm presenters. Millen Farm workshop presenters come from a range of worlds and experiences.  Over time we are building interesting partnerships with this […]

Sat, 12th Aug

Bees On The Move – Native Bees Prepare For Workshop

A Millen Farm workshop is more than just the delivery of the material, there is plenty of preparation beforehand. For the 2017 Build your own […]

Mon, 14th Aug

The Wednesday Market Is Now Even Better!

Not only delicious green things and fruit can be bought at the Wednesday Market at the Samford Commons site, but we are happy to […]

Thu, 17th Aug

Young European Documentary Makers Visit us….

We were so excited about the opportunity today as we were host to a couple of very enthusiastic documentary makers from Europe. The documentary […]

Sat, 19th Aug

Growing Fruit With Permaculture – Workshop Is Going Great Guns!

Today’s workshop (Orchards with Permaculture) is happening as I write this, and is proving to be a great success… There will be a full […]

Thu, 24th Aug

Our Education Team Is Evolving.

Millen Farm Education Team:             Coordinator: Jenni Guse             Elaine Lawry                               […]

Thu, 24th Aug

Great Plans For The Education Committee.

Among other plans and the continuing series of workshops, the education committee is also looking at several new ideas, among which are the following…. So […]