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Learning at Millen Farm

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The educational programs at Millen Farm aim to provide a bridge between more traditional agricultural systems (e.g. broad scale mono-cropping rotations) and natural farming practices and management.

The natural farming systems not only provide organic and often more local alternatives to more traditional agricultural systems, but they have also been shown to enhance relationships, food literacy and knowledge, as well as local and community resilience.  It’s with these principles in mind that we have created the foundation for the variety within our educational programs.

We also offer educational opportunities which embrace action-based learning and these will enhance the capacity of students/community to make decisions about different types of agricultural systems.

Find out more about our workshops.

The focus of Millen Farm Education is to identify and organize knowledge and expertise of food growing for the purpose of empowering anyone in the community to productively share and develop land.

We acknowledge everyone has potential to contribute to the Millen Farm vision of a community that looks to its own people, resources and produce first before seeking them elsewhere.

Millen Farm Education aims to embrace sound educational practices, supported by respectful consideration of all who join Millen Farm endeavours.


Millen Farm Education provides ‘user-friendly’ workshops from which participants leave knowing they can implement their new-found knowledge, and experiment confidently with fresh ideas in their own environment.

Programmes will incorporate accessible on-going support that consolidates the participants’ learning and productivity. In addition, we aim to provide online information and support, accessible to a wider audience, therefore impacting the community on a larger scale.

By embracing what we have, cherishing it, and learning to nurture and give back locally we can be part of a viable dream for society to be responsible for its own health and well-being.

Our desire is to connect people with their food by providing the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain practical skills while meeting like-minded folk.

As a not-for-profit, all funds raised from our educational programs are reinvested back into Millen Farm for the benefit of the community.
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