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The Kalumburu Project

A truly exciting project where we can spread our knowledge and experience to a community living on the the opposite side of Australia, in the middle of no-where.

Our Farmer, Arran Heideman is spending several weeks as a first visit to a very remote Aboriginal community (see map) to help them set up a self-sustaining food growing program using the lessons we have learned from our work on Millen Farm.
This project is being carried out  under the leadership of Dr. Steven Charlesworth of QUT, who has set up a project to bring fresh vegetables and fruit to extremely remote aboriginal communities, using Kalumburu as the test-bed for the idea.  He read about our work online, and was taken with the part of our mission to share our knowledge and skills with others and thus approached us, and the upshot of these discussions is that Arran is about to head off to this community to share what he knows with them.

To find out more about this project, click here.  Working Engagement Plan 2019